Metal Marking

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Borries machines offers the advantage of exceptional flexibility in the way of stamped texts, character heights and widths, and stamping depth. Because little force is used, solid, hollow and sensitive parts can be stamped. The tolerance equalisation mechanism even permits marking on sloping and curved surfaces.

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Borries can offer marking systems with and without fixtures, from basic manual solutions to special, fully automatic machines.

Presentation and description of marking processes :

  • Scribe marking :
    Entails drawing the indented tip of a marking tool (similar to a scriber) into the material. Very gentle stamping process with highly attractive print image
  • Stylus marking :
    Oscillating (impact action) marking tip giving rise to a continuously drawn line (highly dense sequence of individual dots).
  • Dot Matrix marking :
    Characters are depicted by means of individually printed dots (7 x 5 or 9 x 7).
  • 2D codes (DataMatrix/ECC200) :
    2D codes (DataMatrix/ECC200) are also stamped with the same stamping head/tool as for dot print stamping.

Borries Machine in Action: